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Over 30 million PowerPoint presentations are delivered across the globe every day. And most of them are pretty mediocre. But that’s because most of them don’t really matter.

However, some do matter…a lot! Your management presentation to potential buyers matters a lot. Your IPO presentation to analysts and potential investors also matters a great deal. Because doing a great job in these high stakes presentations can mean millions more in equity.

And that’s where we come in. Crescendo Partners helps management teams tell a great story to potential buyers or investors. We craft a story that tells the company’s exciting future. A story that makes the buyers reach for their cheque books, and investors for their wallets.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Truth is, it’s anything but simple and it takes a very special set of skills. Our financial storytellers have backgrounds in private equity, investment banking, equity research, M&A and investor relations. They also use the science of cognitive psychology and behavioural finance to add the art, or magic, of effective storytelling. Our graphics team creates stunning visuals to not just illustrate the story but also capture hearts and minds. Last but not least, our presentation coaches turn presenters into superstars.

That special blend of science and magic is the secret to persuasion.



We prepare expert origination presentations so you can convince business owners to team up with you rather than the competition.


You can fundraise slowly over many months or quickly with pinpoint precision. Creating fundraising presentations with us gets the job done faster.


Our exit presentations will get you premium valuation at exit, whether in a full auction process, a limited auction, or an unsolicited approach from a potential buyer.

Management presentations

Telling a story that sends buyers running for their chequebooks.

Professional management presentation

The management presentation is often the first time potential buyers get to meet the company’s management team. And you know how important first impressions are.

It’s kind of like a first date. Buyers need to fall in love with the company during that first meeting. If they do, you’re on track for a great exit.

And yet, most exit presentations fail to get buyers excited. The usual deck of slides is anything but captivating. The management team fails to impress.

The result? Buyers leave the meeting sceptical about the company and questioning its prospects for growth.

interesting exit presentations
Management presentations with heart

This is where our work makes the difference.

We create the entire management presentation, one designed to make the buyers fall in love with the business and leaves them eager to own it.


Corporate presentation / Equity Story

Whether it’s a presentation, or a dedicated page in the IR section of your website, we can help you sharpen and hone your pitch with an analytical and investor-focused approach. This way you offer potential shareholders a clear and compelling proposition to own your shares.

Capital Markets Day / Strategy Presentations

The Investor Day is your opportunity to showcase the business and its management team. Let us create a visually stunning presentation with the content and narrative that will leave investors convinced and excited.

Financial results materials

We will work with you to develop the full suite of materials to deliver best-in-class results disclosure to the market. We can help with both the content and the ‘look’ and ‘feel’ of your results. We even have ex-analysts who can help you prepare for investor Q&A with practice sessions and generating expected questions.


Valuation uplift and premium valuation at exit

Improving results with management presentation

We would love to talk to you about our track record – it’s a chronicle of buyers whose indicative price levitated after hearing the management‘s story.

Thanks to our counsel, managers are able to influence buyers’ perception of future growth prospects and the feasibility of the business plan, as well as get them excited about the many possibilities for growth and upside beyond the business plan.

The result: buyers increase the price and close the deal at premium valuation.

If you would like to know more about our track record


William Jaworki - equity story teller


William founded Crescendo Partners so he could combine his expertise in private equity and finance with his passion for presenting and help private equity firms in their quest to get top value from exits. Before setting out on his own, he headed up European research at the mid-market private equity firm Riverside, and was also an investment banker at Merrill Lynch in London. Today, William leads all of our projects across Europe and specialises in exit presentations. He is based in Belgium.

Balazs Tahy


Balázs has 20 years of experience in M&A, finance and private equity. He has lived in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Hungary and has participated in numerous transactions both as an advisor and an investor. He loves the soft skills aspects of private equity storytelling and helping management teams tell their story “just right”.



Haythem has spent the last 15+ years of his career talking to institutional investors in various capacities, most recently as a senior Investor Relations officer at Saudi Aramco where he also helped to take the company public in the world’s largest IPO. Prior to that, Haythem was at Morgan Stanley in London, where he was a top rated equity research analyst; Tuareg Capital, where he was an investment director; and Merrill Lynch’s Equity Capital Markets division in London.

Lisa Marie Gelhaus

Lisa Marie Gelhaus

Lisa focuses on international business presentation coaching, having successfully worked with numerous management teams on dozens of exit projects. She is an American expat living in Bologna, Italy. She speaks at business and cultural events, teaches in two MBA programmes, is the voice of promotional and training videos, and has consistently won international speaking awards. Lisa delights in helping corporate executives transform their content and presentation skills into game-changing persuasion.

Marteen Mens - speaker

Maarten Mens

Maarten coaches CEOs, managers, scientists, government officials and TEDx speakers to make their live audiences presentations spot on and effective. As an accomplished speaker himself, he was the spokesperson for a large industry association in his home country of the Netherlands. He now moderates conferences, seminars and debates all over the world.


Mike Hurst

Mike spent 30 years of his professional career based in California’s Silicon Valley. He is both a native German and native (American) English speaker. He worked with, and presented to, senior management teams of leading companies around the world, in vertical markets such as finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, and others. He is an expert at presentation coaching and teaching how to tell business and technology stories in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way.



Lancelot started his career as a researcher for a strategic and management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, where he was responsible for sourcing quantitative and qualitative data and synthetising and converting it into valuable insights for the project teams. He has worked on a large variety of projects in consumer, industrial and services sectors. Lancelot is French and is based in Poland.

Piotr Garlej - PowerPoint expert


Piotr is a presentation designer experienced in crafting impactful presentations that help impress, persuade and sell. His clients include big brands, start-ups, NGOs and consulting companies and his specialty is creating presentations for management roadshows and investor meetings. He lives in Poland and works on projects all over Europe.

Grazia Fino - graphic crafter


As an expert graphics and art designer, Grazia has worked with communications agencies and companies all over Europe, Lowe Pirella, Orange Communications, Guitar Milano, GlobalLean Madrid, CSM Bakery Solutions, and others. She creates engaging and memorable on-screen presentations. Grazia is Italian and works in Milan, Barcelona and Lyon


Karolina Strużyńska

Karolina is an expert in researching, compiling and analysing information and turning it into insights for us and our clients. She tirelessly works behind the scenes on most of our projects.



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